Google+ Electric Bicycle Questions and Answers for Your Ebike | Polaris eBikes

1. What is an Electric Bicycle?

An electric bicycle is a bicycle that has an electric motor system and is powered by a battery. The motor system allows for either pedal assistance or throttle on demand that gives you added power/speed as you ride. Think of it as bicycling with added power benefits.

2. Who is a POLARIS electric bicycle for?

 POLARIS electric bicycles are for anyone who is looking for fun and reliable transportation, whether it is for recreation, commuting, or fitness. Take a test ride for the full experience.

3. What is the difference between pedal assistance and throttle on demand?

Pedal assistance works as a combination of pedal and electric power. As you pedal, the motor system will match or exceed your pedal power to give you assistance in riding. The result is the ability to ride with power/speed while not overexerting yourself. Throttle works just as a throttle on a scooter or motorcycle. You can throttle without pedaling (read owners manual for full instruction).

4. What is the battery range?

The ProRide battery can last up to 30 miles per charge (pedal assistance). Factors effecting range include assist mode used (1,2,3), outside temperature, number of stops/starts, gears used, speed, rider weight, riding terrain, tire inflation, and proper tuning of bike.

5. Can I ride in bike paths and bike lanes?

 Yes, in most if not all states electric bicycles are governed under the same laws as regular bicycles. As always, please check your local state/city laws for any variances.

6. Where can I get my electric bicycle repaired or maintained?

 It is recommended to get your bicycle repaired/maintained at either the store where it was purchased or at an authorized POLARIS electric bicycle service center.

7. Are accessories available for my POLARIS electric bicycle?

 All POLARIS electric bicycles are manufactured to be compatible with standard bicycle accessories. You can purchase accessories from your local bicycle or sporting goods retailer. Any accessories specific to the POLARIS electric bicycle, such as replacement batteries, are available upon request.

8. Where can I test ride?

  You can test ride a POLARIS electric bicycle at any authorized dealer/service center. Check our dealer locator for more information.

9. Does the bike recharge the battery during riding?

 All POLARIS electric bicycles come equipped with ARC Regenerative Braking. ARC Regen mode is a power recovery system that captures excess power during the braking process or when speeds exceed 20MPH and returns that power to the battery.

10. Can I use it like a regular bike?

 Yes. When in the power off position, your electric bicycle can be used as a regular non electric bicycle. The added weight of the motor system will impact the non electric performance, but you can still use the bike with power off.

11. How long is the battery life?

 POLARIS electric bicycles are powered by an advanced UL listed lithium battery. Battery life averages between 800-1000 cycles. With battery range up to 30 miles per charge, your POLARIS electric bicycle can get up to 30,000 miles on 1 battery. (based on multiple factors. Reference owner’s manual for full information).

12. What influence does temperature have on the battery and performance?

 All batteries are impacted by extreme temperatures. Battery range can be impacted by extremely cold weather. It is recommended for safety to keep batteries out of extreme cold or heat.

13. How does the throttle work?

 The throttle will give you power on demand, without the need to pedal. Throttle will engage after 1 full pedal rotation and will continue to power the bike without pedaling required. Refer to owner’s manual for full instruction.

14. Do I have to get a special license or registration for my bike?

 No, electric bicycles are generally governed by the same laws as bicycles as long as the motor power does not exceed 750Watts or speeds of 20MPH. Please refer to local laws as they may vary by city/state.

15. Can it fit a standard bike rack?

 Although many standard bike racks will fit your POLARIS electric bicycle, it is strongly recommended to check with your local retailer to make sure the rack can accommodate the increased size and weight.

16. Who do I call for service questions?

 For any customer service requests you can contact EVantage toll free at 1-855-EVANTAGE (382-6824) or email us at

17. Does the bicycle have gears like a regular bike?

  Yes, all POLARIS electric bicycle utilize standard derailleur gearing.

18. Do the gears impact performance?

 As in any bicycle, adjusting gears is recommended while riding flat to hilly roads. Adjusting gears will assist the riding experience and help to extend range.

19. Does it have electric braking?

 Yes, POLARIS electric bicycles come with not only dual disk brakes, but also electric braking.

20. Can I leave the battery charging for extended periods of time?

 The UL listed EVantage battery charger has an auto shut off mode to prevent overcharging.

21. How do I register my warranty?

  You can register by either mailing in the warranty card supplied with your bicycle, or click on the register tab at the top right.