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The Most Advanced eBike Technology

As a proven industry leader in power sports since 1954, POLARIS has upheld their meticulous standards to bring their clients the very best products.  POLARIS is known for advanced technologies and custom engineered systems to make the hardest working and smoothest riding vehicles in the market today.  Through their partnership with EVantage, POLARIS now presents the unparalleled standard in electric bicycles. POLARIS electric bicycles are powered by the EVantage DuoDrive motor system, along with other proprietary technologies, resulting in the best performance to meet customers needs.  Every part of the motor system has been custom designed from the ground up to work seamlessly together.  Learn more about our state-of-the-art technologies below.


Electric Bicycle Technology: DuoDrive

DuoDrive™ is the propelling force behind every POLARIS Electric Bicycle. Patent pending, DuoDrive™ technology allows the rear hub motor to maintain both speed and high torque, switching from a SpeedDrive configuration on flat or low…

Electric Bicycle Technology: BioSync

BioSync™technology, comprised of our advanced MultiSensor and proprietary smart controller, reads the power output of a rider during a natural pedal motion. It then matches that output to give you the most efficient and comfortable ride…

Electric Bicycle Technology: IC Dashboard
IC Dashboard

The IC Dashboard features a user-friendly design that makes operating your bike a breeze. Simply hit the power button, select power mode, and you are ready to ride…

Electric Bicycle Technology: ARC Regen
Arc Regen

The ARC Regen system is an energy recovery system that captures power during the flat/downhill breaking process and returns it to the bikes battery supply…

Electric Bicycle Technology: Lithium Battery
Proride Battery System

All EVantage motor systems run off of the ProRide removable lithium battery. Our bikes are designed to move you, not the other way around. To recharge the ProRide battery, pop out your bike’s internal battery pack…